Pattaya has some excellent restaurants and eateries but every now and then we all want something quick and easy or alternatively brought direct to us without having to leave our homes.

If you fit into either of these two categories, don’t worry, there are plenty of options for you too!

You’ve just had a hard day at work, got a hangover, or just feeling plain idle. You fancy a meal from your favourite restaurant but you don’t really feeling like going out to eat it. Thanks to Door 2 Door delivery service, you can order the food you want from your favourite restaurants without any problem. Many of the city’s favourites establishments have their menus listed and for a small fee you can have it delivered directly to you. You can even order drinks and other items to make your night complete.

Of course, lots of the local restaurants offer a delivery service of their own. The various Retox bars are a fine example as too is Nick the Pizza and China Palace for those who feel like an English style Chinese takeaway. It is not just readymade food that you can order, Prime Foods and NoQ can also deliver fresh, frozen and tinned produced to your home. This is ideal if you are encountering problems getting out or you are just too busy to do an extensive shop.

As you have travel round the city you will no doubt have noticed numerous fast food stalls. They sell almost everything and include chicken shawarma, various barbeque options, sushi amongst other things. However, expats and tourists often yearn for the taste of a juicy burger, hotdog or perhaps even a doner kebab. Curry and fish and chips are also possible if you look hard enough although they aren’t quite as easy to find on fast food stalls as the other options.

You can literally find these fast food options all over the city and the London Pie Company’s products are often sold from stalls that travel around Pattaya. Once again this is another form of a delivery service although you do have to wait for them to come to you rather than making an order! McDoner’s Lamb Kebabs have been a feature of LK Metro for years and are something that the Brits are very familiar with. A few beers and then a kebab to round the night off perfectly – magic!

One thing is for certain in Pattaya and that is that you will never be short of options when it comes to food. Many of the food delivery options can be ordered online or even through Facebook for that added convenience. With GPS being available on most delivery drivers phones, gone are the days of having to wait hours for your food to arrive whilst the driver was almost in touching distance but never quite made it! The quality of the fast food and delivery services in Pattaya are now on a par with anywhere else in the world.

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New York Pizza House
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Domino’s Pizza
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