A healthy lifestyle can be achieved anywhere in the world and Pattaya is certainly one of the most popular places people choose to stay fit and in shape.

Thailand has a tropical climate and is therefore ideal for the pursuit of outdoor activities: volleyball, soccer, sailing plus many more.

However, for and in indoor healthy lifestyle, Pattaya is also among the best and the vast number of 5 star health massage organisations, beauty parlours, plastic surgery clinics, spas and fitness centre mean that Pattaya really is the place to improve your overall health and look.

Many people now choose to partake of the various treatments from facials, to waxing and detox to botox in order to gain that healthier looking body and due to the current price of treatments in many western countries, Thailand has found itself an entire new market in patients arriving for plastic surgery treatment and general medical operations which in their own country would cost much more than locally in Thailand.