Pattaya Eating Out Guide
Pattaya Eating Out Guide

Pattaya has a fantastic selection of restaurants offering a superb choice of international food so it is not hard to see why the city is viewed as one the main hubs for cuisine in Asia.

You can quite literally find any type of food with some varieties obviously being more abundant than others. You can choose from French, Mexican, German, Thai or other types of Asian food to name just a few. If Middle Eastern food is your thing then you won’t need to go too far to find that as well. The vast choice and plenty of new and interesting dishes make eating out in Pattaya a sublime alternative to some of the limited options that we may be more used to back home.

Restaurants are available to suit every budget – you can find relatively cheap Thai street food that tastes delicious or you could opt to eat at one of the fabulous 5 star restaurants found in the major hotels, or at an a la carte restaurant. If English food and more of a pub theme is what you are looking for you could try the Sportsman or Hemingway’s.

Many of the beachfront restaurants offering stunning views, especially at sunset so you could enjoy a romantic meal with a loved one. Of course, if you have been for a night on the tiles you may just feel like something that is quick and easy. Once again, you won’t have to look too far to find a wide selection of options including burgers, kebabs or Thai. Lots of eateries are open throughout the night so you can often get your food of choice 24-hours a day.

If you are looking for suggestions or something different to the norm, why not try “Kimji”. This is a form of Korean spicy salad or you could even opt for “sizzling fajitas”, the popular Mexican dish. Here in Pattaya you also have the opportunity to try some different ingredients that you may be unfamiliar with but are traditionally found here in Thailand. Pattaya has an increasing number of cooking schools where for a nominal fee you can learn to cook local dishes as well as visiting the local markets. Why not try Tom Yam Gung (Spicy Prawn Soup) or Gaeng Kiewan (spicy green curry)?

It probably won’t have escaped your notice that fresh seafood is plentiful in the magnificent city. You will probably have also realised within the first few of hours of being here that Thai food can be spicy especially if you get it from one of the many food carts that cater more for Thai taste buds. If you still want to enjoy some “hot” then why not try Somtam (the famous spicy salad) or Hoy Tord (fried mussels or oysters with eggs)? If you feel you aren’t quite ready for mind-blowing spices you could always ask for “mai ped” which simply means “not spicy” – don’t worry the locals will probably expect this request anyway!

Of course, there may be occasions when you don’t feel like eating out and visiting the wide choice of restaurants. Instead, you want their amazing food delivered direct to your door. This is possible by using Door 2 Door – a delivery service that includes food from many of the best restaurants in Pattaya.