Pattaya has numerous large malls, small malls, supermarkets, bazaar-style markets, and thousands of other shops.

Expect to find plenty of clothes shops and coffee shops but do not expect to find variety as most shops are selling the same things. Pattaya actually has a long way to go to catch up with Bangkok for variety and volume of shops but it is trying with several new shopping centres opening in recent years, and there’s more to come.

Bargaining is a way of life here but don’t worry if you don’t know your Thai numbers as most shop keepers will carry a calculator to show the price. As a general rule what ever their first price is, half it and you will be closer to what they are actually willing to sell the item for. If you are not happy then simply walk away as the shop keeper down the street will be selling the same thing.

Try to have some fun when bargaining because if the shop keeper likes you they may give you a better price and never get aggressive, it doesn’t pay.