A close second to Walking Street, LK Metro is a place to head if you want an unforgettable night out.

You could start the evening by having a meal to line the stomach in I-Rover or Kilkenny Bar. After that you could head up to the originals Murphy’s Law where you can get to enjoy the craic with Steve the owner. You will have drinks aplenty and probably more than you planned but this sets you up perfectly for a tour around the various, top-end agogos.

Deciding where to start is probably the biggest challenge you will face all night. Sugar Sugar, is almost next door to Murphy’s Law so this is as good a place as any. From there you can wind your way back through LK Metro, popping into Touch Agogo and Pulse as you amble around the corner, probably mesmerised by what you have just witnessed. Of course, the agogos don’t end there continue forward to Crystal Club and Queens Club before taking in the stunners in Champagne.

You will probably have your eyes popping out at this stage and if you can’t have a cold shower then stopping for a doner kebab at McDoner’s Lamb Kebabs may be best your port of call. From here you can gather yourself, no doubt sober yourself up and then head onwards to the bars Soi Diana, Soi Buakhao or the smaller sois running off there.

Whichever direction you choose you are again met by choices, a drink in an open bar, a pub perhaps, a massage and for those really needing to unwind, maybe even a soapy massage. From here you could head towards Soi 7 or Soi 8 for yet more bars or agogo bars. The music will be loud and the girls are likely to be fairly drunk so you can let your hair down and just enjoy what is left of the night. Live and let live as is a commonly heard motto in Pattaya and something that many choose to live by.

If you still have the energy then you could head back up Pattaya 2nd Road, visit Thip Plaza for a few late night/early morning drinks. Alternatively, so could start slowing down for the night and take in a few frames of pool at Endless on Soi Buakhao. You can play with your friends on one of the friendly staff that are always on hand but be careful, these girls are pool sharks!

As the evening draws to a close, you can head back to your condo, hotel or wherever else you may be staying. If that all seems too much effort you could get a hotel for the evening such as LK Royal Suite. Don’t worry, if you have had one too many then Pattaya City hospital is in Soi Buakhao but hopefully it won’t come to that! Come the morning, or whenever you wake up, you could head to Canterbury Tales on Soi Chaiyapoon for cup of tea or coffee along with a filling breakfast to set you up to do it all again!

Sports Bar
24 Hours
1pm to 2am
www.fb: fubar 2 live music
Cloud 9 Bar
11am to 2am
1pm to 3am
www.facebook: jibby’s
Pulse Agogo
GoGo Bar
7pm to 3am
Touch Agogo
GoGo Bar
7pm to 3am
The Den
Lounge Bar
1pm to 11pm
Bar Club Le Poste
Lounge Bar
1:30pm to 2am
Champagne Coyotes
Coyote Bar
5:30pm to 2:30am
GoGo Bar
7:30pm to 3am