Pool, billiards and snooker extremely popular sports within Thailand and you will certainly find an abundance of bars with pool tables.

Many of these bars have teams that play in leagues with the standard varying from fun and friendly to very competitive with everything in between. Whatever standard you are, or whatever your reasons for playing, you can be sure that you can find something to suit your needs.

Pool and Snooker Halls

There are several purpose-built pool and snooker halls in Pattaya such as Infinity Snooker on Pattaya 3rd Road and Tang Zhe on Naklua Road. These are both excellent establishments but they do tend to cater more for the Thai market rather than for westerners. Essentially, there are 3 main, purpose-built pool and snooker halls in Pattaya targeting expats and tourists. These are Legends Pool and Sports Bar, Megabreak and Double Kiss Pool and Sports Lounge. Below we have some more detail on each of these.

Legends Pool and Sports Bar

You will find Legends situated on a small soi at the junction of Pattaya Klang and Pattaya 3rd Road. This purpose built bar has top quality Brunswick tables along with separate competition tables, all of which are kept in immaculate condition. This is perhaps a venue for more serious players with several competitions taking place each week – often for large prizes. Coaching is also available for those who are looking to improve their game with high-quality equipment available from their own store.

In between matches you could perhaps consider a game of darts or take in the sports on one of the 17 TVs that are well-situated around the venue.


Megabreak is probably the most well-known of the pool halls in Pattaya as it is well-situated on Soi Diana. Of course, the venue has undergone numerous refurbishments over the years and in its current state gives off an upmarket and sophisticated feel. Once again they have a number of high-quality “standard” pool tables as well as competition tables. Again, they take great pleasure in ensuring that they are all kept in fantastic condition. Competitions are held on a weekly basis and attract some top players from quite far afield.

They also serve decent standard food and have several TVs showing sport which you can enjoy in between frames.

Double Kiss Pool and Sports Lounge

This is probably the least competitive of the major pool halls in Pattaya but still one that deserves a mention. It can be found on Pattaya 3rd Road and has 10 excellent tables available as well as a diamond table for those looking to try their hand at something different. The atmosphere is more relaxed and the girls are very attentive with sports and darts also available if you are looking to add something else into the mix when you visit. Games are very reasonably priced which can be one of the main attraction with the bar.


There are numerous bars in Pattaya that offer pool with some taking the game more seriously than others and, as such, the quality of the tables can vary. Here are some of the bars that we would recommend for keen players.


i-Rover is located on Soi LK Metro and is a popular sports bars. They have two pool tables available with competitions frequently held. The bar enters teams into different pool leagues so, if you are looking to join a team and meet some new people this is a great option. The tables are kept in excellent condition. Darts is also available and they have an extensive menu that will satisfy even those with the largest of appetites.

Endless Lounge

Endless Lounge can be found on Soi Buakhao and has a superbly maintained American 9-ball table that is amazingly free to patrons of the bar. They hold frequent killer pool competitions as well as having a number of TVs screening sports. The drinks are excellently priced and they have some simply stunning girls who would be delighted to play pool with you or enjoy a relaxed and fun conversation over a drink.

The Retox Bars

There are several Retox bars around Pattaya such as the ones on Soi Lengkee and Soi Honey off Soi Buakhao as well as the Retox@Outback in East Pattaya. Pool is available at the Central Pattaya venues and is taken quite seriously. In a similar fashion to i-Rover, the Retox bars have a clear focus on sports with numerous TVs and as well as an excellent food menu that, once again, caters for the larger eater.

Endless Lounge
Soi Buakhao
12pm to 2am
Double Kiss Pool
3rd Road opp. Soi 21
12pm to 2am
Legends Pool Hall
Pattaya Klang Soi 5
11am to 3am
Megabreak Pool Hall
Soi Diana
12pm to 3am
Pattaya Beach Road
12pm to 2am
Cloud 9
Soi Buakhao Soi 15
11am to 2am
Booze Lounge
Soi Khaotalo
1pm to 1am
Padtanakan Road Soi 4
12pm to 12am
Bootleggers Bar
5pm to 2am
Rose & Crown
Lake Mabprachan
10am to 11pm