Harry’s Bar & Restaurant

Harry’s Bar & Restaurant

Andreas Andersson from Harry’s Bar & Restaurant gives his answers to our questions on what it’s like to run a restaurant in a competitive place like Pattaya

Q Tell us about yourself?
A I’m from Söderköping, Sweden and I just turned 40 in March, been in the restaurant business all my life. Trained in Copenhagen then came out here,  the wife is from Udon Thani, and we have one beautiful boy.

Q How long have you been at Harry’s?
A 10 years all up, don’t ask me how I got here.

Q Best day of the week?
A Easy. Friday, it’s the start of the weekend.

Q Best part of the day?
A When we’re full at 5pm, makes me smile.

Q Biggest spenders?
A Without a doubt the Scandinavians closely followed by the British!

Q Best deal right now?
A Local beers are only 49 baht, and our Plank Steak at 195 baht is very popular.

Q Most popular item on the menu?
A Thai dish would be kow pad moo, the Thai wives and girlfriends love it; European dish is Swedish meatballs at 195 baht, it’s a regular favourite!

Q Funny moments?
A When staff and clients don’t understand each other, language problem…

Q Sum up your restaurant in 3 words
A Staff, Food & Atmosphere!