Aroi Pub Resto

Aroi Pub Resto

Emiel de Kegel aka Peter from Aroi Pub Resto gives his answers to our questions on what it’s like to run a restaurant in a competitive place like Pattaya

Q When did you open Aroi?
A I came in to the restaurant 2 years ago.

Q Tell us about yourself?
A I sold my stores in Europe, and came to retire in Thailand. After 3 months, I knew retirement is not for me so I started helping restaurants getting back on track. I came to Aroi and saw the potential so after one year I bought it!

Q Best day of the week?
A Saturday is beef night. I’m a carnivore which means everything else on the plate is a total distraction for me. Wouldn’t you agree? Absolutely (Ed.)

Q Biggest spenders?
A Corporate parties & events, which we are always happy to cater for.

Q Your favourite dish?
A Argentinian tenderloin, the meat is absolutely perfect. Delicious.

Q Most popular items?
A Sunday carvery is very popular as its all-you-can-eat for only 349 Baht.

Q Biggest challenges?
A A perfect service is the challenge, ie when service & kitchen are in sync.

Q Best part of the day?
A When I see smiles on the faces of our guests.

Q Sum up your restaurant in 3 words
A Atmosphere. Guests. Satisfaction.