Akvavit Grill & Bar

Akvavit Grill & Bar

Pelle Pettersson from Akvavit Grill & Bar gives his answers to our questions on what it’s like to run a restaurant in a competitive place like Pattaya

Q How long have you been at Akvavit?
A It’s almost 7 years now, and I look forward to another 7 years.

Q Tell us about yourself?
A Over 35 years in the restaurant business, working all over the world, including a Michelin star restaurant in New York.

Q Best day of the week?
A Can be any day, hard to answer, but of course the weekends.

Q Biggest spender?
A Norwegians. They like good food and drink, and spend on quality spirits.

Q Your favourite dish?
A Beef Tartare and my favourite Thai dish would have to be Tom Ka Gai.

Q Most popular item on the menu?
A Argentinian Beef Tenderloin 690 baht, probably the best value in the area.

Q Biggest problems?
A Staff excuses always make problems, we know they’re trying it on, you’d never believe how many sick relatives, funerals, weddings… I’m sure many restaurant owners have the same issue with staff.

Q Best part of the day?
A When the bar and restaurant is full, the atmosphere is superb.

Q Sum up your restaurant in 3 words
A Atmosphere. Relaxing. Service.