Refer and earn! Cash paid direct to your bank by referring business friends to The Pattaya Guide.

You’ll earn for the life cycle of the advertising contract, not just the first month. We invoice monthly so once they’ve paid us in cash, then we send your commission to your bank plus we send a payment slip to either your email, messenger, line or whatsapp! It’s simple and easy.

Commission Rate

  • We send 10% commission on print adverting and promotions.
  • The more you refer the more cash we send.

How it works

Fill in the form with your details and the business details. You’ll then receive an email or a phone call just to confirm some details. We’ll make an appointment with the business owner or manager and when they advertise with The Pattaya Guide, you’ll receive 10% referral fee every month. You’ll be paid after we’ve been paid, and it will last until the client cancels.

Important Points

  • Ensure the business is suitable for The Pattaya Guide.
  • Review our Advertising Rates & Promotions.
  • Excludes past advertisers of The Pattaya Guide.
  • Advertisers should be based in the Pattaya region. However we have had advertisers from Bangkok in the past, so if you know them ask them in advance.

We have detected that you are outside Thailand. This offer does not apply to you.