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It is hard not to be positive about venues such as the Stars Club. The owners have spent a lot of money, delivering an amazing setting for you to sit and relax in comfort.

Heaven Above is a charming, friendly Go-Go bar, where you can go and enjoy the company of many sexy, sultry ladies and have a drink in a safe environment. Feel free to buy a lady a drink but you are never compelled to do so.

A must visit for anyone looking to party, you won’t be disappointed.

The Iron Club Pattaya is one of the most popular go-go bars on Walking Street, with really remarkable interactive shows. Its unique design gets you much closer to the action than most of the competition.

Culture is something we all are aware off if we are not from Thailand of course. So why not embrace the Indian dance culture and enjoy something a little different.

If in Walking Street and you enjoy live events and music, then you have to check this bar out.

Kamaa Club іѕ а progressive nightlife institution offering premier customer service аnd thе marquee nightlife experience іn Pattaya, Thailand.

An amazing party atmosphere, with ladies who simply want to have fun with you in this excellent venue.

Best of Pattaya’s nightlife scene. Enjoy a unique blend of dance music, beautiful hostesses and entertaining girls at the best bargain on Walking Street.

One of the city’s premier restaurants located in a famous location with food that simply has to be sampled. The views are stunning after sunset especially and services is very good. A must visit venue if in Pattaya on holiday or a permanent resident.

Mauja Club – A new generation club to provide a unique and entertaining experience through exceptional service.Mauja club is a perfect blend of music, people & entertainment that brings out the best in you.

With sexy, provocative, stunning ladies, who dance seductively on the podiums and poles in the tiniest most revealing outfits, there is only one answer if asked if you wish to attend this venue.

This is a superb venue and worthwhile addition to the original Dollhouse. Give it a try – you will not be disappointed.

Irrespective of where you are from, if you like good food, in stunning surroundings, then this is a must visit restaurant. The presentation and service are superb so why not venture in and sample the tastes and textures of Russian cuisine at its…

Angelwitch is Pattaya’s only club featuring a classic, intimate theater setting and mesmerising, choreographed sexy shows!

The Club Insomnia Pattaya bar is stocked with a range of beers, spirits, rums and cocktails to suit all tastes. Here, you’ll be equipped with everything you’ll need for a good night out.

The Insomnia iBar is the gateway to style and contemporary design in Walking Street, consisting of 2 distinctive zones – the bar and terrace, you can find your space to party with the crowd, or chill out on the bay.

Mistys Agogo has to be one of the longest running Agogo bars in Pattaya, it started almost 20 years ago but has since moved from its original location in Soi Pattaya land 2 in 2008 when it became the first of the new hi-tech Agogo Bars ; it is now…

Glass House Agogo is a very popular large bar on Walking Street that you simply cannot miss as you walk past!

808 is located directly above Candy Shop on Walkingstreet, one of the longest standing popular places for hanging out and watching the world go by. The venue features state of the art sound and light systems.