Unless you have been hidden under a rock during your stay in Pattaya you will have realised that Walking Street in one of the main areas in Pattaya.

As the name would suggest, the street is closed to vehicles at evening and night times which means that you can take in the sights and neon lights without fear of getting knockdown. The area doesn’t really get going until around 9pm but goes on well into the early hours.

Walking Street is full of bars, restaurants, agogos and a few shops, not to mention the home to some of the best nightclubs in the city. This is an area that welcomes everyone with open arms and many people visit just to take in the views and the girls outside the agogos encouraging eager punters to come in and buy them a drink. There are a few European (predominantly Russian) agogos for those who are looking for an alternative to the Thai girls.

It is fair to say that this street can be anything that you want in to be. Close to the entrance to the soi, you have the Walking Street Pub, often referred to as the ‘Red Car Pub’ thanks to the red car attached to wall as you in. This is very much a fun pub and although there are a few freelancers in there, most customers are looking to enjoy the atmosphere and drinks. The Stones Pub is a renowned live music bar that has a great party feel every night. In the area, you will also find a few ladyboy bars.

In and around Walking Street you will find some of the best agogos in the city where the vast majority of girls are truly stunning. Lady drinks, bar fines and the girls themselves do tend to be more expensive but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for! The Sapphire Club is always popular and as they say ‘it has something for everyone’. Wildcats Agogo is a traditional agogo where as Taboo has more of a western feel. DClub is a new club on the scene that has made a big impact.

It is this area where you will find the most popular night clubs and venues that don’t really start to warm up until after midnight and only close at dawn. Lucifer Disko and Mixx Night Club are two of the stand out venues although there are plenty of others that you can try during the duration of your stay. Mixx Night Clubs plays a variety of different music across different floors whilst Lucifer is mainly an R&B club.

In addition to the bars and clubs you will also find some superb seafood restaurants overlooking Pattaya Bay. These are great places to start your evening and to make sure that you have plenty of food inside you before the serious drinking begins. You will also quickly realise that Walking Street is home to some very good street entertainers performing a variety of tricks. The sois are also full of freelancers so care should be taken.