[df-subtitle]Visa Information Guide[/df-subtitle]

Visas are probably the one thing that causes most confusion in Thailand. It seems that the rules regarding visas change on an almost daily basis and sometimes even depending on who you see or the questions that you ask.

Whilst it is impossible to give any sort of advice when Immigration Officers are acting on a ‘whim’ it is possible to explain what visas are available in Thailand. Below is a simple guide to the general types of Visa that you can get for your stay in Thailand.

Visa on Arrival
This is the visa that is given to you at the airport when you arrive in Thailand. This is a form of tourist visa that grants you 30 days stay in the Kingdom. This can be extended at immigration for up to a maximum of 30 days.

Tourist Visa
A 60 day Tourist Visa is obtain from a Thai Embassy (outside of Thailand) prior to your travel to the Kingdom. The visa can be single or multi entry. Again it is possible to extend this visa at Immigration although extensions are not always guaranteed.

Non Immigrant Visa
This is valid for 90 days and is usually a single entry visa. There are a number of visas in this category although the most common are B (for the purposes of work), ED (for the purpose of education), O (to visit family residing in Thailand) or OA (for a retirement visa). The single entry visa is usually obtained in your home country prior to travel and then will be extended at the Immigration Department once you are in Thailand.

Business Visa
This is the Non Immigrant B Visa that you will obtain from Immigration. This allows you to get a work permit and conduct business legally in Thailand. Once you have this visa you will need to report to the Immigration Department once every 90 days.

Marriage Visa
To obtain a Marriage Visa you must be legally married and have THB400,000 in a Thai bank account. There are several documents that you will need to produce such as your marriage certificate, proof of funds, copy of your spouse’s Tabian Baan and a map to your home in Thailand.

Retirement Visa
To obtain a retirement visa in Thailand you must be over 50 years of age, not working and have THB800,000 in a Thai Bank or an income of THB65,000 per month or combination of the two.

Permanent Resident Visa
To qualify for this visa you must have been living in Thailand for 3 consecutive, 1 year visas. If you are married to a Thai for over 5 years you need an income of THB30,000 per month and if you are single THB80,000 per month.

All information is correct at time of writing but subject to change. Please seek professional advice from Thai Business Help for further details