We all know that to live and work in Pattaya or indeed anywhere in Thailand for that matter, we must have the correct visa.

The 30-day tourist visa that you receiving when you fly into the country is ideal for many tourists but if you are looking to stay for any longer you must explore the different opportunities that are available to you. This may be an extension of your tourist visa, a retirement visa or maybe a business visa – whatever your requirements, it is always advisable to seek the services of a professional company who can assist you such as Thai Business Help.

The rules regarding visas have certainly been tightened over the last few years and loopholes that were often explored or abused have now been closed. The rules governing visas can, on occasions, be vague and subject to interpretation or may even change with little or no notice. A company that deals with immigration on a daily basis is more likely to be aware of the changes beforehand and can therefore provide a better service to their clients, Naturally, the more you work with people, the stronger your working relationship becomes and this is definitely the case with Thai Business Help.

If you are over 50 years of age and meet the financial requirements that are laid out, you could apply for a Retirement Visa, a visa that is renewed annually assuming your still meet the criteria. Marriage Visas are also available to anyone legally married to a Thai national but once again are dependent on meeting certain financial requirements at the same time.

If you are looking to work in Thailand, regardless of if that is paid on unpaid, you with require both a Non-Immigrant B visa and a valid work permit. There are lots of restrictions on what work is permissible and what isn’t, so once again seeking advice is always wise. Requirements include the amount of capital that is required by the company, the number of Thai employees that are employed and also what industry they operate in. Work permits, although not the Non-Immigrant B visa, are usually restricted to one company and one province.

Thai Business Help can also assist you with setting up a Thai company and obtaining a work permit as once again they are extremely familiar with the legal requirements and have formed healthy business relationships with relevant government departments. This can be invaluable when it comes to ensuring that your business set up correctly and obtaining a work permit and B Visa goes as smoothly as possible.

We would always recommend that you use the services of any well-established, reputable company in any field but nowhere is this more true that when it comes to obtaining a visa. Breaking the rules, either intentionally or otherwise can lead to hefty fines, prison sentences and even being prevented from re-entering the Kingdom. Poor advice can lead to any of these scenarios so always make sure you obtain the correct advice from the outset.

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