Pattaya is a place like no other and if this is your first visit to the city then you are in for a real eye-opener!

Of course, it is the nightlife that Pattaya is most famous for and you can experience some real adventures and create some truly memorable experiences that will last with you for a lifetime. However, let’s not forget that modern-day Pattaya has so much more to offer than just neon lights and sexy girls!

What to expect

It can’t be overstated that Pattaya is definitely unique and it is for this reason that it appeals to people from all around the world. Unlike many other places, in Pattaya, everyone gets along and mixes quite happily with each other and what nationality you are, matters very little. Everyone has come to the city for the same reason and that is to have a great time and nobody has any intention of spoiling that.


Thailand has long had a tradition of being a “cheap” place to visit and whilst times are changing slightly, that can still be the case. The strong Thai baht does play a part but you can still get street food for as little as 5 baht. Of course, like any other cosmopolitan city, you have high-class establishments at the other end of the spectrum where spending upwards of 5,000 baht is quite easily achieved.

The same goes for open-air beer bars, restaurants, massage parlours, late night shopping, agogo bars, and clubs where you can again pay as much or, within reason, as little as you like. There are literally 1000’s of venues in Pattaya, to a level that you may feel overwhelmed but they all have their own appeal, it’s just a case of choosing the ones that suit you.

How can Pattaya Guide help?

The Pattaya Guide is owned and run by a well-known local expat who has been living in the city for years! There isn’t much that he and his team haven’t experience during their time in Pattaya and they are happy to pass on the extensive knowledge to you! We’ll guide you around the best venues in town regardless of if you are looking for bars, agogo bars, restaurants or massage parlours. The perfect place to start is with our advertisers. We have visited and enjoyed their establishments and we can recommend them first hand!

Every month we take it upon ourselves to undergo the arduous task of trying out the best venues in the city. We carefully seek out the best places that tourists, just like you, would like to go. We only recommend the best places so we know that you won’t be disappointed. So, before the stress gets too much and without any further ado, use this guide as your bible to have a bloody good time tonight, and every other night you’re here in Pattaya.

Of course, with our original guide in your hand you’ll be sure to visit the best venues but if you are looking for great places to eat, don’t forget to pick up our Eating Out Guide along with our extremely help Foldout Map. Have a great time!