You don’t need to have been in Pattaya very long to have worked out that the city is brimming with nightlife.

There are the superb hotspots on Walking Street such as Sapphire Club, Taboo Club and Wildcats Agogo plus fantastic live music venues such The Stones House. In terms of nightclubs, you have Mixx and Lucifer that cater for a variety of different genres of music. Along with a few excellent restaurants and the odd street performer, Walking Street has everything in terms of nightlife.

LK Metro just off Soi Buakhao is another of Pattaya’s gems. Once again you will find some excellent bars such as I-Rover in addition to Champagne Agogo, Touch Agogo and Sugar Sugar Agogo where you will find some of the hottest girls in Pattaya. This is becoming one of the best places for bars in the city and has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and will shortly be overtaking Walking Street as the main place to go.

Of course, Pattaya has many other hidden treasures away from Walking Street and LK Metro. Soi Buakhao, Soi Lengkee and Soi Honey all have an abundance of bars, massage shops and sports bars where you will once again find a wide selection of beautiful girls who will be more than happy to keep you entertained for an hour or two. Pratamnak and of course the Darkside also have their fair share of hidden treasures and you won’t have to dig too deep to find them!

Naturally, Pattaya’s nightlife has far more to offer than just sexy girls and sports bars. Live music is easy to find and most of the bands are excellent. The Lion Pub has live music on a Friday night along with numerous other bars in Central Pattaya, Jomtien and the Darkside. If pool is your game, then Legends, Megabreak and Double Kiss maybe options that you look to explore.