The concept of marketing has changed massively in the last decade.

Traditional forms of marketing such as classified ads in newspapers and magazine have become largely obsolete unless of course, they are also available online. However, magazines such as the Pattaya Guide that can be picked up in bars and restaurants across the city still prove successful. To get the best possible results for your efforts it is important to understand exactly what is involved and where your clients and potential clients are searching.

Over the past few years, Facebook has become more popular with Pattaya business owners as a free alternative to paid marketing. Unfortunately, there are very few examples where businesses have been truly successful with just Facebook alone. Sure you can boost posts and set your targets but is it truly enough to capture all potential customers? The answer is no.

Traditional marketing along with online marketing is the best method for the majority of businesses to succeed in Pattaya. Most businesses have a physical address, from a restaurant to an office, customers turn up and place orders. For this to happen, exterior signage is very important, but how many times have people been let down by poor signs in trying to find a place in Pattaya?

But before customers come through the door, they will be seeking services may be from an optician or a dentist? Many people search on Google and Facebook via their mobile, others prefer to ask their friends at the local bar. It is fully appreciating the different places that people will search for products and services that are key to achieving your goals.

There are many ways to capture an audience, and if you have a good business model, you’ll use all available methods that suit your business and budget.

Since 2006, OPEN Design Studio, a professional marketing company has had a great deal of experience advising many business owners the direction they should take with their marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, and more importantly, sales. More than a decade later they’re still thriving.

If you’re a new or challenged business owner, then we suggest you contact the team at OPEN and arrange a meeting to discuss your brand’s marketing strategy

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