Sports Calendar
Sports Calendar

Pattaya is a fantastic place for sports fans with numerous sports bars scattered around the city.

The TV channels are awash with sport coming from around the globe such as soccer, NRL, cricket and NFL to name just a few. Those sports that aren’t available via cable or satellite links can usually be streamed – especially in bars where certain sports have a large following. Pretty much any sport you want to watch night or day will be available and the I-Rover and the Retox bars are perfect examples.

Many people often comment on the fact that sports coverage in Thailand is actually better than that in their home country with coverage of the English Premier League on Saturday’s being a case in point. Thais themselves are big sports fans so it is hardly surprising that the local channels are keen to show not only Thai sports but also most overseas sports. The foreign owned bars are the usual destinations for sports fans with certain bars and restaurants gaining a reputation for certain sports.

It appears that it is common for sports bars to have an owner or manager who has a keen interest in sport – something that is greatly appreciated by sports fans. The choice of sports bars isn’t just limited to downtown Pattaya, there are plenty of sports bars in Jomtien such as Hemingway’s and Murphy’s Irish Pub in East Pattaya. Of course, it is not just live sport on TV, we have Pattaya United in the city, along with numerous other water sports competitions, Muay Thai and Beach Soccer.

We keep this guide up to date with all the major forthcoming sports events both those that are occurring in the city and those that are available on TV and shown in the bars across the city. Please keep coming back to check what’s on.

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