Insurance is an essential item when in Thailand, where all types of accidents happen daily.

Whether you’re an expat or holidaymaker, you cannot ignore the importance of being well insured for all types of risk. From health and medical to personal accident, to travel, not to mention your home and belongings.

In Thailand, a trip to the hospital costs money and you’d better have deep pockets if you’re not insured. A serious accident can cost hundreds of thousands of baht, and if you don’t have the money you’ll be sent to the nearest government hospital, where treatment is a life or death situation. Health insurance is something that you quite simply afford NOT to have.

A trip to the local clinic may be relatively cheap, certainly in comparison to what you may pay in the west. However, the quality of treatment that you receive varies and for just a few thousand baht a month you could go on see a reputable doctor at one of the international hospitals. That peace of mind is surely worth its weight in gold?

You may own property over here, or a car or motorbike. Theft is a growing problem in Pattaya, and you want to ensure if the worst happens, you’ll be reimbursed quickly and fully. No insurance and you are at the mercy of the local police catching the thieves, and hope that your items are not pawned. The chances of getting your goods back are slim at best so paying for adequate cover means that your valuables can at least be replaced.

You may be a restaurant owner, one of your staff accidentally spills hot soup on your customer. You are responsible, do you have liability cover? Claims of this nature are increasing and following the ‘ambulance chaser’ trend that we see in Europe or the US.

For a stress free future, been fully covered will save you lots of money, and ensure you and your families own peace of mind. We recommend using a reputable insurance broker who deals with multiple insurance underwriters, this will save you a great deal of time as they are experienced in meeting your needs within your budget.

So if you are worried you don’t have any insurance, you have the opportunity now to arrange insurance to cover you and your family. We recommend an insurance broker that is connected to over 20 registered insurance companies in Thailand Insurance Brokers Contact Details