Pattaya Guide Fun Time Survey
Pattaya Guide Fun Time Survey

Each month we’ll interview different fun time girls from around Pattaya and get their take on the guys they meet.

We talk to the girls about their backgrounds, their aspirations and, of course, what they think of the men, and sometimes ladies, who they meet through their work. We break down the barriers to hear the truth and often learn about the stories and the yarns that they tell customers to extract more money, more drinks and more bar fines. Of course, they are always quick to give the lowdown on a guy’s performance and the stories that they are told.

If you want to know what the ladies around the city really think, then this is the page to visit. We update it every month with a new interview and lots of the stories told are amusing. If you are here on holiday and you think that cute lovely has only been working in Pattaya for 3 weeks but speaks perfect English, think again! This may be an eye-opener for some of the newbies to the city but it may give you a greater understanding of what really goes on in Pattaya, or more accurately in the bars.

Many of the girls who come to Pattaya are from Isaan and have had a very different education and outlook to what we are perhaps used to in the west. Their views on life can be surprising to say the least but their ‘happy go lucky’ attitude often wins most people over – even if it can be frustrating on occasions. Pattaya is a great place for expats and tourists but what is it really like for the girls? If you read these fun time interviews then you will realise that some hate it, some love and many are just plain indifferent. Enjoy the reads and we can assure you that it will raise a few smiles!

Fah from Pattaya

I like to party and meet new friends

Nok from Tak

I like to party and meet new friends

Loy from Phayao

All I’m askin’ is for respect (just a little bit)

Berry from Buriram

Ring her bell, she love too much!

Donut from Nakon Sawan

Money is important in making me happy

Pimchan from Korat

Looking for a boyfriend to take care…

Jane from Udon Thani

Enjoys meeting drunks. Only kidding.

Fon from Buriram

She loves older bald men from Norway

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