Bar Talk Banter - The Pattaya Guide
Bar Talk Banter - The Pattaya Guide

For the latest news each month we speak to local bar owners and bar managers to find out what is happening in their bars.

Whose birthday is coming up, what sport they are showing and any bands that they might have playing, you can be confident that the Pattaya Guide will be the first to know. We frequently update this page as well as being the best place to refer to when you are deciding which bars to visit.

We can give you all the banter from the best bars in the city, what’s the best the selling beers, the favourite foods and the stories that they get told every day. Let’s face it, the life of a bar manager is far from boring, they meet secret service agents and ex-professional sports people every day. They get to hear all the BS from every country and we all agree how amusing it is to hear these stories!

Pattaya has hundreds of bars and thousands of tales can be told, we can give you the landlord’s insight or the bar managers opinion on what is happening and what’s in store in the future. Everybody likes to have a laugh and bar talk banter gives you a brief sample of the stories that you can frequently hear being told. Of course, some of the genuine stories are just as interesting or amusing and this is something that we all do well to remember.

Pattaya has some great bars and some fantastic characters many of whom own or work in the bars the bars, agogos and nightclubs around the city. Of course, many of the characters are patrons of these bars and have been for years and are well known to the staff, owners and other customers. Their presence often has a very positive impact on the bar’s atmosphere and naturally, its takings.


Mark shares the banter from Hemingways

i-rovers Sports Bar

Darren shares the banter from i-rovers

Robin’s Nest

Peter shares the banter from Robin’s Nest

Le Pub

Phil shares the banter from Le Pub

The Sportsman Pub

Darren shares the banter from The Sporty

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