Pimchan from Korat

Pimchan from Korat

Each month we chat with a fun loving girl to get their take on the guys they meet in Pattaya

This month we chat with Pimchan (34) from Korat

Q So how long have you worked in Pattaya?
A Three months now 😉

Q No really, how long have you worked here?
A Oh OK, I understand. I work this bar six months, before that I work in LK Metro for two year, before that I work Walking Street three year, and now I forget all the rest.

Q Crikey, that’s quite a long 3 months! So, how old are you?
A I am 23 year old

Q C’mon, after so long in Pattaya, how old are you really?
A Haha, I am 34 but I look good na?

Q Erm, yes. do you have a boyfriend?
A No not have boyfriend. I have good customer who take care me. I forget the names so I have to keep picture on my phone! Hehehe… I only bad girl sometime, but hard for me as my family have farm and need look after my mama.

Q Yes, i understand. What about the animals, do you have buffalo?
A I don’t like go with buffalo – crazy man! Oh, you mean on farm? Yes, we have many water buffalo but they get sick at different time. Many problem na? Need money for fix problem.

Q So what about sex?
A Not with buffalo, no, only sexy man. Rich man better than poor.

Q Do you think you will live in Pattaya for long?
A Why, you want support me? I want go home, I miss my mama and kids.

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