Loy from Phayao

Loy from Phayao

Each month we chat with a fun loving girl to get their take on the guys they meet in Pattaya

This month we chat with Loy (36) from Phayao

Q So how long have you been in Pattaya?
A Here for 10 years. I’m divorced, happy and available for a good man.

Q Wow, a beautiful woman like you and you’re available?
A Sure, I’m availble for the right guy who is respectful.

Q You’ll have a long wait for that kinda guy in Pattaya!
A I know, all the good guys are already taken. Many guy speak so bad about women, asking for short time, it’s not like it was years ago.

Q What was it like when you first come to Pattaya?
A Everyone friendly and polite, lots of talking and fun, now everyone looking on their phone, speak and act rudely. Not same.

Q What do you think Pattaya will be like in 2017?
A Oh my goodness, I cannot imagine. My head hurts just trying to think.

Q Okay, how has Pattaya improved since 2007?
A That better question, I think you try make me crazy with last question. Pattaya better it have more choice for shopping malls, bars, clubs, restaurants. As it gets bigger also bring more rude man from many country.

Q Where would you hang out on a saturday night?
A I like clubs with live music, hollywood, differ, bone. I go with my girlfriends, we buy a bottle of black, sometimes vodka, we dance, have fun.

Q Tell me three things that make you happy?
A Gym, good food, good company. I goto the gym and take care my body with good food. Make me look young and beautiful yes. Do you agree?

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