Jane from Udon Thani

Jane from Udon Thani

Each month we chat with a fun loving girl to get their take on the guys they meet in Pattaya

This month we chat with Jane (32) from Udon Thani

Q So how long have you stayed in Pattaya?
A Five years in Pattaya, before that I stayed in Phuket.

Q How does Pattaya compare to Phuket?
A I prefer Pattaya, everything is easier, and cheaper, especially travelling to Bangkok for business and back home to Udon Thani to see my family.

Q What about the beaches, Phuket or Pattaya?
A Phuket has nice beaches but I don’t like the sand. I rarely go to the beach, I prefer to go shopping at Central or the night market at Thepprasit.

Q Apart from shopping, what do you do for fun?
A Eating at MK is fun. Oh you mean fun fun. Usually meet at a friend’s place, start drinking wine, eating of course, then onto a bar for cocktails, then to one of the clubs in walking street. Sometimes I go on dates with guys.

Q What type of guys do you like to meet?
A I enjoy meeting drunks. Only kidding. I like good hearted guys, who like a drink but who are not rude. Rude guys ask me how much for sex. Get lost.

Q What do you do for a living?
A I have my own fashion business, we design, make and distribute clothing.

Q Do you have a boyfriend?
A I haven’t met the right person yet, and my business is very important to me as I want to be dependent and provide for my mum and dad.

Q How often do you have sex?
A Not so much, 2-3 times in a month. I would like more but only with Mr. Right

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