Fon from Buriram

Fon from Buriram

Each month we chat with a fun loving girl to get their take on the guys they meet in Pattaya

This month we chat with Fon (25) from Buriram

Q So how long have you stayed in Pattaya?
A I tell guys one month but stay in Pattaya for over four years. Before that I worked in factory near Bangkok for two years.

Q Why do you tell guys one month?
A Habit. Helps me find another sugar daddy.

Q How many sponsors do you have?
A Mmmm, I forget. I meet them here and they always fall for me, then they have to go back to work from their home country. I tell them I go village so they send me money. At the moment I have five guys that send me money.

Q Wow, that’s a lot. Who’s your favourite and why?
A Danny from London always messages me, he’s young and has a lot of power in bed but no money. I really like Anders from Norway, he’s older and reminds me of that strong bald man from fast and furious movies.

Q Do you like fast cars?
A Don’t know, I’ve never been in a fast car. Only taxi and bus.

Q What do you look for in a man?
A Money so he can take care me and then I can send money to my family.

Q Is sex important to you?
A Sometimes. I know lots of sex, good sex make man happy. If he happy then he better at take care me. Better if handsome too. Big wallet for sure.

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