Fah from Pattaya

Fah from Pattaya

Each month we chat with a fun loving girl to get their take on the guys they meet in Pattaya

This month we chat with Fah (26) from Pattaya

Q How long have you lived in Pattaya?
A I move here when I was 3 years old because my mama work here too.

Q Do you like work in the bar?
A Its OK. I have many friend and many man like me so I get quite big money and many drink.

Q Do you have a boyfriend?
A No, but I am always looking and hope find someone nice and kind.

Q What sort of man do you like?
A I like older man because other lady not try to steal him. I not want too much money, I just want him have enough to support me and I want him love me.

Q Have you always worked in a bar?
A No, before I work in Family Mart but money no good. It hard to meet man there too and I would like a falang boyfriend.

Q Where do you like to go to relax?
A I like go gym and spend time with family. Easy for me as we all live together in house. Not same many girl as I live with my family.

Q What do you like about Pattaya?
A I have many friend and stay with my family. I like go to the island and walk beach sometimes. I think Pattaya is a nice place but not many lady think the same.

Q Use three words to describe yourself?
A Shy, hardworking, ugly! I know I not ugly I just like man tell me I beautiful!

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