Donut from Nakon Sawan

Donut from Nakon Sawan

Each month we chat with a fun loving girl to get their take on the guys they meet in Pattaya

This month we chat with Donut (28) from Nakon Sawan

Q So how long have you worked in Pattaya?
A I live Pattaya 6 months now, before I work in factory but money not good.

Q I can understand that and everyone needs money.
A Of course, everyone need money. I like to go with lots of men as I don’t want boyfriend, that make me bored. You want to go with me?

Q Why don’t you want a boyfriend?
A I like get different men, try lots of new things. I am a bad girl but a good girl! You not answer my question.

Q I can’t go with you today! How old are you?
A I am 28 and need to take care of mama and baby.

Q I understand, most girl are the same.
A Yes, that why I want sponsor, buy me new clothes and shoes, oh and to give me money for send to my mama. She is sick and I must take care of her. Can you give me money a little bit? And maybe new iPhone hahaha.

Q Let’s do the interview first!
A You are making me horny! Please give me 1000 baht. I will make you very happy for sure. I like money, I mean I like you.

Q So what about boom boom?
A Yes I like mak mak, you want to go with me now?

Q I meant in general not with me!
A I can do everything, what you want to do with me darkling, you can just tell me and I do. Then we eat and go shopping okay teelak.

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