Berry from Buriram

Berry from Buriram

Each month we chat with a fun loving girl to get their take on the guys they meet in Pattaya

This month we chat with Berry (28) from Buriram

Q So how long have you been in Pattaya?
A I live with my English boyfriend for last two years.

Q Where’s your boyfriend now?
A He offshore, one month he’s here, the next month he’s away. Hehe.

Q Is he happy you’re in a bar when he’s away working?
A I not work here, just visit friends. He okay when I drinking and talking in bar.

Q How did you meet your boyfriend?
A We met in bar. He very generous and ring my bell many time. I like 🙂

Q What do you do when your boyfriend is here?
A When boyfriend here, he take me to get drunk many bar, sometimes with many girl. Some crazy things happen with too much tequila and sambuca.

Q Favourite place in Pattaya for fun?
A I love Walking Street, so many places and open very late. And my boyfriend he pay no matter how big the bill. I love his big heart and wallet too much.

Q Have you ever been to England?
A Yes I go London but cold, expensive mak mak, not much Thai food.

Q Would you like to marry your boyfriend?
A Yes, I hope so. He have good money, good job, he good fun and I know he can take care me and my family.

Q Tell me three things that make you happy?
A Only three? Thai food, shopping for clothes, iPhone for talking and message, salon for make hair and nails beautiful, tequila rose, need more?

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