In the Club – What Makes a Great Sandwich

In the Club – What Makes a Great Sandwich

Pattaya Eating Out Cover September 2018The story goes that John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich, an English aristocrat invented the sandwich back in 1762 largely due to his fondness for late night gambling.

It is believed that during a rather infamous gambling session he instructed his chef to prepare food that allowed him to continue gambling unobstructed. The chef obeyed his lordship’s request and created what would now be known as the ‘sandwich’, slices of meat nestled between two slices of bread. The real creator, of course, was the chef but his name has now been lost to history.

As time has passed, the sandwich has evolved in terms of fillings but hardly altered from the original form back in 1762. The Earl could today enjoy his gambling whilst tucking into something not dissimilar to what he enjoyed then and maybe his chef would be able to create something new and exciting to cater for his boss’ requirements.

Today the sandwich is as popular now as it has ever been with numerous variations available. Those who prefer something more traditional may opt of a cheese and ham sandwich and those feeling adventurous can create anything they please. Almost anything lends itself to being a sandwich filling and as a general rule, if it tastes good and is laid between two slices of bread it can become the perfect sandwich for you.

There a few basic ingredients that you need for making your own. Firstly, quality bread is an absolute must otherwise the constituents can be seriously let down. The Cabin Bakery is a great place to pick up fine, freshly baked bread that makes the ideal sandwich. Next, any connoisseur will tell you that margarine should never go anywhere near a sandwich! Butter is the only real option and you don’t get much better than Lurpak, available in Pattaya at Siamburi’s or Foodmart.

The main part of any sandwich is the ingredients but as we have mentioned there are so many to choose from. Cheese is a favourite for most and goes well with almost any other filling. Of course, extras such as Branston Pickle, Hellman’s Mayonnaise and Colman’s Mustard are also essential in any cupboard. You can pick up these type of condiments locally in Pattaya at Siamburi’s or Foodmart, meaning that you no longer have to bring them from home or wait for friends and relatives to come. You could also go online and order from

Meats such as hams, beef and chicken that are designed as sandwich fillings are available at many places in town but one of the best options are AKA Traders. Along with having the usual favourites they also have other slightly more unusual cured and seasoned meats that can really bring your sandwich to life. In reality, quality products and a good imagination are all that you require to make your own variation to suit your taste buds.

Sometimes making our own sandwiches can seem like a bit of an effort, especially if you don’t have the right ingredients, or perhaps we are lacking in creativity and we just want someone to rustle something up on our behalf.

Great sandwiches are available at almost every venue in town but special shouts should go out for the Philly Cheese Sub at the Loft Resort at Mabprachan, the various Retox venues around Pattaya and Tequila Reef in Soi 7 Beach Road.

Quality Roast beef sandwiches with topping such as horseradish or mustard can be harder to find but luckily the Sportsman has come to our rescue here. If you are looking for a hearty Ploughman’s Sunny’s or Hemingway’s offer the complete works that are enough to satisfy even the largest of appetites. If you are looking to get something ‘on the go’ Siamburi’s and Foodmart have ready-made deli sandwiches that you can quickly pick up on your travels.

One thing is for sure, if you are looking to create something yourself, eat on the move or sit down and enjoy, Pattaya has plenty of options for everyone. Fantasising about the sandwich from ‘back home’ is now something left to history, just like the Earl of Sandwich’s chef!