Detox Drinks – Healthy Shakes Veggie Juicing

Detox Drinks – Healthy Shakes Veggie Juicing

Pattaya Eating Out Cover January 2019After the excess of Christmas and New Year, many people will be looking to give their bodies a break and chance to recover.

One relatively cheap and easy addition that you could add to your diet is to introduce some healthy shakes and consider juicing some vegetables. This will help you to get your 5-a day in maybe a more palatable form as most of these drinks are tasty as well as being healthy.

Healthy shakes are probably what many people know as smoothies. There is a common misconception that they are a new idea that was recently introduced by dieticians and other health professionals. In actual fact, they date back to the 1920s and were invented by Julius Freed. Known for having reoccurring stomach problems, Freed create something that was easy to digest whilst still providing all the nutrients needed. He made a drink known as the Orange Julius and shared it with friends.

Smoothies are commonly thick in nature and made from a combination of both vegetables and fruits. A healthy shake will contain plenty of vitamins along with carbohydrates and protein. Since household blenders became more common in the 1960s, an increasing number of people make these types of beverage at home. Of course, if you are wanting something that is quick and easy, plus contains all the ingredients that you are looking for, you are probably best picking one up at a restaurant that specialises in producing freshly made drinks.

Veggie juicing is a slight variation on your regular smoothie. Vegetables tend to contain very little sugar when compared to fruits which are generally high in fructose. They also contain various nutrients that are required for living a healthy lifestyle, preventing disease and improving your energy levels. They are also high in fibre which is important in any diet.

The process of juicing involves effectively crushing vegetable into a pulp that contains enough water to be easily drinkable. For this reason, you need to think about what quantities and types of vegetable you are going to use. Often leafy vegetables contain high levels of nutrients but little water so only need to form a small percentage of your veggie juice. Cucumbers and even carrots contain fairly large amounts of water so should form the basis of your drink.

Juicing should be done using a dedicated juicer due to the hardness of certain vegetables which can easily damage a normal blender, prices start from 5,000 Thai baht and can be found in larger electrical stores around Patttaya. Alternatively you can buy veggie juice from various juicing stalls at large malls.

As we have already touched upon, healthy smoothies and vegetable juice have a number of health benefits. They are easier for the body to absorb whilst most people believe that you actually consume greater amounts of vegetables without you even being aware of it! They will improve your immune system, your digestive system as well as being great for bone health. Veggie Juice and smoothies can be consumed on the go and when fruit and vegetables are combined together, they are pleasant drinks to consume.

Obviously, you should always make sure that no additional sugar is added by the person making the drink as this will defeat the purpose!

The next obvious question is where can you buy healthy shakes and veggie juices in Pattaya? One of the best-known places is the Living Food Café at Fairtex on North Pattaya Road. They have a wide variety of options available with some containing ingredients such as wheatgrass that may be less readily available. Most gyms offer a selection of health and protein shakes, but the best option is to purchase your own equipment and make them yourself.