Win Every Day – The Pattaya Guide Great Giveaway

Win Every Day – The Pattaya Guide Great Giveaway

Pattaya Guide Magazine Cover July 2019With the Pattaya Guide you could win one of 183 prizes for free in Pattaya’s Greatest Daily Giveaway from July 1st until December 31st 2019. Total prize value is over 300,000 Baht.

You’ll need to be in Pattaya to collect the prize, and each month we’ll have either 30 or 31 envelopes at The Pattaya Guide office where the winner picks an envelope at random; the envelopes will decrease as the days pass.

Prizes range in value from 1,000 Baht to 3,000 Baht plus, and are mostly from our advertisers in The Pattaya Guide. We’re keeping it a secret what the prizes are until they are won, then we’ll post on our Facebook page, tag and share.

To enter all you’ll need to do is visit our website and follow the simple instructions.You’ll be asked to fill in a form with your name, email and mobile so we can contact you if you have won from the random draw, and whether you’re a tourist or an expat.

If you’re a tourist, it will ask for your departure date, so from the time you enter till your departure date you have a chance of winning.

If you’re an expat, you’ll have a chance of winning from the day you enter till the 31st December 2019. If we’re unable to contact a winner within 6 hours, another winner will be selected by random. This is to ensure a constant flow of daily winners. We request winners to visit the office as soon as possible.

Finally, you’ll need to like the Pattaya Guide Facebook page and share Pattaya’s Greatest Daily Giveaway to your timeline for your friends to see.

Some people say nothing in life is for free, we beg to differ, it really is free.

Terms and conditions apply and can be found at

We have created a smart advertising strategy for advertisers who meet our criteria of appealing prizes to giveaway. Let’s explain it in four parts.

Firstly, the cash adverting rate is reduced during low season and the difference is provided in the form of vouchers which we use to give away, you’re thinking why give them away but we’ll get to that later on.

Secondly, this reduces the stress on the advertisers monthly cash flow though a tough low season, and further reduces costs by using a pre-paid voucher. For example the voucher maybe valued at 1,000 Baht, but the actual cost could be 35 to 50 percent, resulting in further savings to the advertiser.

Thirdly, by giving the vouchers away free in a daily and random draw, it brings new faces to the advertiser’s venue which they may never have otherwise visited, with a very strong likelihood to return again and bring their friends.

Finally, through entering into the draw, you must share the promotion on your Facebook timeline, the more people who see this, the more people who enter, and it eventually goes viral, creating excellent reach, engagement and exposure for the Pattaya Guide, and more importantly, all of our advertisers.

It’s an investment in our business and our advertisers who have invested their money with us to promote their business to the best of our ability.

We work harder than any other printed publication in Pattaya for the benefit for our advertisers, we print more copies, we distribute to more locations, we promote their adverts on five social media platfoms on a daily basis.

More advertisers choose the Pattaya Guide than any other publication in Pattaya, and we have more exciting plans lined up for this year and 2020.

Visit and share with your friends.