The 100 Club – Your Life in Style

The 100 Club – Your Life in Style

Pattaya Guide Magazine Cover October 2017The 100 Club is a member card that brings you superb offers from the finest that Pattaya has to offer.

The 100 Club card is your ‘one size fits all’ member card that brings you special offers from the finest that Pattaya has to offer. From guaranteed bookings at top restaurants, amazing discounts, tasty bonuses, to offers that are not available elsewhere. Why carry a whole heap of discount and VIP cards around for various places when you can use The 100 Club card.

The card costs 500 baht and is made from anodised stainless steel in a truly stunning aqua blue finish. Due to its durability, the card has no expiry date and there are no replacement cards if lost, you simply buy another card.
The card can be purchased from participating venues listed below.

The 100 Club intends to be the ‘be all and end all’ of getting you value for money from your Pattaya experience. There will be lots of high ticket offers that will make the 500 baht seem well spent. Bars, clubs, restaurants, travel, hotels, taxis, visas, massage, sports events… just name it, and they’ll do their best to get them added to The 100 Club system.

At the time of going to print, the following venues accept the card. For the latest information and offers available, please visit
Robin Hood Tavern                                                Cafe Des Amis                                                Low Cost Car Rentals
Retox Lengkee                                                         Punch & Judy                                                 Double Kiss Pool Hall
Retox Game On                                                       Naandos                                                         Mistys AGoGo
Retox Darkside                                                        Yes Boutique Hotel                                       Kinnaree
Retox 2U                                                                   Sweethearts Bar                                            Hosting Group
Bite Me                                                                     Roxy Bar                                                          The Pattaya Guide

In today’s market, everybody is a little more price sensitive. Offering a 10% discount might be the clincher between gaining or losing a customer.

So why would a business owner want to join The 100 Club?
Based on the signup period outlined below, the business owner will receive a number of cards, which come with a profit margin upon selling them.

3 MONTH SIGNUP is 3,000 baht.
You’ll receive 12 ‘100 Club’ cards worth 6,000 baht

6 MONTH SIGNUP is 6,000 baht.
You’ll receive 30 ‘100 Club’ cards worth 15,000 baht

12 MONTH SIGNUP is 12,000 baht.
You’ll receive 70 ‘100 Club’ cards worth 35,000 baht

By selling only two cards per month, the monthly fee of 1000 Baht is covered. Sell all the cards and you’re making money while attracting customers via special offers such as a 10% discount.

This really is a simple business model yet a fantastic opportunity for grabbing and retaining customers, old and new. And we intend to cap the businesses involved at 100 to fully concentrate on our core aim: generating businesses extra revenue. And saving customers money.

For any queries, please call 0613 507 960 or email

30x ‘100 Club’ cards worth 15,000 baht to be won with The Pattaya Guide

The Pattaya Guide are giving our readers the chance to win one of 30 cards worth 500 Baht each in our free online giveaway.

We’ll need your name, email and for you to suggest a business in Pattaya who you would like to see part of The 100 Club.

To enter, simply visit and follow the on-screen instructions. It’s really that simple!

Of course, if you don’t want to wait for the draw, you can buy the cards from The Pattaya Guide office during office hours.