Island Getaway – Exploring Koh Larn

Island Getaway – Exploring Koh Larn

Pattaya Guide Magazine Cover September 2017Getting to Koh Larn is easy. First you need to get to the Bali Hai Pier where the ferry boat is docked.

If you don’t know where the Bali Hai Pier is then just ask around most people will know where the Bali Hai Pier is. You could also get a baht taxi or a motorbike taxi to take you to the pier, they all know where Bali Hai Pier is.

The ferry boat you want is located straight out at the end of the pier. The ferry going to Twaen Beach on Koh Larn is just to the left then the ferry just to the right goes to Naban or the main Village.

The fare for the Koh Larn ferry to both destinations is only 30 Baht for each way. If someone asks you to pay more than 30 Baht then you are probably not at the right boat. You pay just as you board the boat at the kiosk next to where the boat is docked. The Koh Larn Ferries go to both Naban port and Tawean Beach with different departure and arrival times, see schedule.

Naban Port is the main village where most people that live on the island have their homes. Naban also has the majority of resorts for those people that want to stay for a few nights. Tawaen Beach is the other destination and now has accommodations for overnight stays. You can get to all parts of the island from both these destinations by song tao, or motorbike taxi.

Don’t feel like you are stuck in one place once you get to Koh Larn, feel free to explore as much as you like and have fun. You can choose either boat to return back to Pattaya, it doesn’t matter where you arrived to the island. Remember you pay the fare as you board.

If you enjoy a faster mode of transportation, you may want to hire a speed boat. The cost here again is between 1500 baht and 2500 baht. What determines price is the size of the boat, if you have a small group pick out one of the smaller boats.

All the captains have plenty of experience, they don’t just let anyone operate these crafts. Speed boat operators are easy to find. They operate all along Beach Road in Pattaya and Jomtien. In fact you really don’t have to find them they will find you, sooner than you think. Just head to Beach Road.

All the boat operators have a good knowledge of the area and can assist you in finding just that right spot. I know what most are thinking while reading this about now. Why spend 2000baht when the ferry is so cheap? If you have a group of say six or so, with the cost split up, then subtract the cost of all the other expenses like taxis etc., this ends up really being a pretty good deal. Add all this to the convenience and speed of getting to the island it becomes even a better deal.

A disadvantage is you will have a pre assigned time to return to the city. Ferry Boat is still cheaper by far, however if you come on a vacation really you came to have a good time, not to watch every Baht.