Fitness Guide – New Year Fitness Ideas

Fitness Guide – New Year Fitness Ideas

Pattaya Guide Magazine Cover January 2019With the New Year already underway, most of us will have made commitments to try and make some positive changes in our lives, such as getting back into shape.

For many of us that will be improving our lifestyle which will no doubt include improving our fitness levels and losing some of the extra kilos that we have put on over the festive period. With so many temptations on offer in Pattaya, this can be something that is often easier said than done but with a little motivation and perhaps some help along the way, there is no reason why it isn’t achievable.

Of course, happiness is one of the most important things in our lives so choosing options that we enjoy we mean that we have a greater chance of succeeding. For many people a walk along the beach or a swim in the pool is a great start whilst others will prefer to opt for a round of golf at one of the fantastic championship standard course in the area. There are numerous golf societies around such as Pattaya Sports Club and at the Sportsman on Soi 13, Pattaya Beach Road. This will give you the chance to try some new courses and make new friends at the same time.

There will naturally be some of you out there who like to visit the gym and pump some iron or spend a few minutes on the treadmill. You will find many excellent gyms all across Pattaya such as Castra Gym on Soi Khao Talo in East Pattaya and the various Tony’s gyms that you will find in most locations in the city. At many of these places, you will also find supplements available that will help you to achieve your fitness goals – helping you to not only look better but feel better too. This will help your 2019 get off to the best possible start.

Going to the gym might not be the best option for everyone and there will be plenty in the city who enjoy a game of football.

Planet Football on Soi Siam Country Club is a great place to play as they have high quality 4G football pitches. Again, this is a chance to meet new people whilst burning off some excess calories at the same time. Play with friends or join a new team, the choice is yours but what a great feeling it will be to have a kick around with friends. Afterwards, you could go for a relaxing massage or sauna to ease those aching muscles at somewhere such as Jomtien Sauna.

Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t all about fitness it also includes what we eat and drink. Most of the superb restaurants in the city will have healthy options on their menus such as salads or other low fat dishes. Hemingway’s in Jomtien or the i-rovers in LK Metro both have extensive menus from which you will be able to choose some healthier dishes washed down with a glass of fruit juice or water of course!

If you are perhaps looking at taking your diet to the next level you could consider the Living Foods Café at Fairtex on North Pattaya Road. They have a wide range of healthy smoothies or why not try a wheatgrass cocktail that also contains kale and other ‘superfoods’? Their main courses are also excellent and are something that is little more out of the ordinary than your more standard dishes. OK, this might not be somewhere you want to eat every day but it is well worth giving it a whirl every once in a while.

Naturally, no New Year would be complete without some form of detox. This might mean laying off the alcohol or caffeine for a while or you could think about going that one step further and consider a juice cleanse of even colonic hydrotherapy. Both of these options are available as the Rasayana Retreat that is once again part of the Fairtex complex. This will help you to get one step ahead in getting your health back on the right track in 2019.

Take a look at our Eating Out Guide which this month covers healthy shakes and vegetable juicing, a great way to help lose any extra weight.