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The official and only page for Lucifer’s, Pattaya’s ultimate clubbing experience.

MIXX Discotheque voted “BEST NIGHTCLUB IN PATTAYA 2012″. MIXX Discotheque is Pattaya’s first ‘upmarket’ nightclub, in fact, MIXX Discotheque with the ROUGE CLUB and the CRYSTAL PALACE is two nightclubs in one!

The Stones House is fantastic if you like live music and a super party atmosphere on Walking Street Pattaya. It doesn’t get better than this.Take a look!

Lose yourself at COAST Beach Club & Bistro, a new beach-front lounging destination. You’ll find sun, surf, chilled drinks, fresh food, and laughter with friends, while cool, ambient tunes fill the air.

Surf and Surf the atmosphere is chill and sit by the sea. Sleep listening to the waves of the sea There are many angles to choose from. And with extreme privacy.

A modern and luxurious place, where you can meet people, who share the same passion for the finest cigars and the best drinks.

Culture is something we all are aware off if we are not from Thailand of course. So why not embrace the Indian dance culture and enjoy something a little different.

If in Walking Street and you enjoy live events and music, then you have to check this bar out.

Kamaa Club іѕ а progressive nightlife institution offering premier customer service аnd thе marquee nightlife experience іn Pattaya, Thailand.

Mauja Club – A new generation club to provide a unique and entertaining experience through exceptional service.Mauja club is a perfect blend of music, people & entertainment that brings out the best in you.

All New Mouthburi opened in July 2016 and is doing a roaring trade. They offer local people what they are looking for from an evening out. It is all about the music, the food, the drinks and having a great time.

The Club Insomnia Pattaya bar is stocked with a range of beers, spirits, rums and cocktails to suit all tastes. Here, you’ll be equipped with everything you’ll need for a good night out.

The Insomnia iBar is the gateway to style and contemporary design in Walking Street, consisting of 2 distinctive zones – the bar and terrace, you can find your space to party with the crowd, or chill out on the bay.

808 is located directly above Candy Shop on Walkingstreet, one of the longest standing popular places for hanging out and watching the world go by. The venue features state of the art sound and light systems.

Candy Shop is the only fully open fronted club along the street. There are many benefits to this. Firstly you can get a good look inside right to the back of the club, it also makes the club feel airy and it also makes the space feel bigger.

Bone Pattaya have a massive club space but the most noteworthy feature is the lighting and sound system. It will simply amaze you!. Wow, It’s like a scaled down version of a world class production!

DIFFER was opened in 2004 and has quickly become one of the most popular live music venues in Pattaya Nua. The venue is holding concerts with popular Pop & Rock bands on a regular basis.

Hollywood Pattaya is the entertainment venue that has been in service in Pattaya for over 20 years. Over the years the nigh club has never stopped improving its entertainment service with the aim of maximizing the satisfaction of its customers.