UVclean Business Review

UVclean Business Review

UVclean.asia launched their unique mattress cleaning business in April 2017 and we ask the benefits of this service.

Over the last three months, UVclean.asia have been busy helping new customers understand the benefits of their unique cleaning system compared to a regular surface clean with chemicals. Customers who had their mattresses cleaned with UVclean custom equipment are often shocked after they see what comes out from the bed mattress, and have noticed improved sleep and health.

Then they share with their friends and family what the process is about which leads to more enquiries where we have taken on more staff.

UVclean.asia use a new generation of Germicidal Ultra Violet Lights (GUVL) sanitising machines, which provides human safe, broad spectrum, long term, eco friendly microbial control and mattress sanitisation protection. In simple terms, it destroys any microscopic bed bugs and bacteria that cannot be reached with a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Safe for people, pets and our planet as it does not use chemicals. Significant cost saving compared to other services offered locally that use chemicals.

The superior mattress sanitising and hygiene performance equipment is suitable for residential and commercial needs. Prices are very good value.

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