Surecell Clinic Business Review

Surecell Clinic Business Review
Surecell Clinic Pattaya

Surecell is part of an international network of clinics founded in Melbourne, Australia, and now they bring their unique healthcare knowledge to Phratumnak, Pattaya.

Surecell doctors know which conditions can be treated and how a patient’s age and severity of the condition will affect their chance of success. The clinic offers a variety of treatments ranging from their ground-breaking Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Liver Detox, Stem Cell Therapy; Botox all the way to STD Tests and Annual Medical Check-ups, plus many more.

They focus on the most cutting edge natural treatments and healthy lifestyle choices. The PRP therapy has helped thousands of patients avoid costly and dangerous joint replacement surgery in knees and hips and the Facial PRP therapy has helped thousands more develop a younger and healthier skin.

PRP is a process where a person’s own healing cells (platelets) are used to heal multiple injuries and even skin rejuvenation. The platelets go to the injured area and start the growth factor process and then injected back into the patient’s area of injury.

Do you have a knee or shoulder injury?
Surecell can help with many types of injuries through their unique methods, their highly skilled doctors with knowledge and experience that you can’t find elsewhere, so arrange an appointment and discuss your injury and you may just find that you leave their clinic injury free and feeling like new.

Surecell is located on Pratumanak Soi 6, they’re open daily from 9am to 5pm and you’re recommended to schedule a consultation in advance.

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