Euro Optic Business Review

Euro Optic Business Review
Euro-optic Pattaya

Euro Optic located in Central Pattaya was established in 1996 and is considered a leader for optimal adaptation to progressive lenses by world travelers.

Their standards are higher than in Europe as they are using the best product, the best service, the best know-how, the best prices, and the best doctors Their core expertise is the capability to advise patients on better solutions than the one they are using in order to get vision improvement and to guarantee adaptation at once and in one day.

Euro Optic understand that the most important thing is for the clients to see well, ensuring their eyes are tested correctly and that the right lenses are selected. All clients are only served by licensed doctors in Optometry, who are progressive lens specialists. They guarantee successful adaptation of progressive lenses, whether for the first-time wearer, upgrading from bi-focal or complicated prescriptions.

Testing your eyes is very important, and just like visits to the dentist shouldn’t be delayed, a least once a year. Listen to your optician, and always follow their advice and guidelines, but your style of frame is of course your choice. Once you start wearing glasses ,an annual check-up is advised and remember to always clean and maintain your glasses properly, they help you see.

Firstly, contact lenses are expensive and can worsen your eye health. Many people spend hours each day using computers and mobile devices, which can lead to Computer Vision Syndrome or eye strain. Prolonged use of these devices contributes to dry, watery and tired eyes, and even blurred vision. These problems are exacerbated by contact lenses. With glasses you’ll experience improved eye health and see better at the end of a long work day.

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