Robin’s Nest

Robin’s Nest

Each month we’ll bring you some of the best of what we’ve heard around the bars to put a smile on your face. This month we chat with…
Peter Hutchinson, Manager at Robin’s Nest, Soi Diana

Q How long have you been at the bar?
A 30 months, prior to that, Queensland mate.

Q Best response from a member of staff?
A Customer, at The Sunday Carvery: ‘Is that chicken?’ Staff: No, it’s got crackling all over it, that’s pork!

Q The most ridiculous thing you get asked?
A Cheap Charlies really get under my skin ‘If I stay 3 nights, do I get one free?’ ‘Ah no mate, you don’t, stay a week; I can consider a discount.

Q What do you dread coming through your door?
A Obnoxious and drunk customers coming in late at night with a Go Go chick on their arm, God do they like to show off, as if they’ve wooed her in a nightclub or something!

Q Most difficult aspect of your job?
A Handling the Thai work-ethic; like it’s okay to be 45 mins late into work: “Solly boss, my friend, her boyfriend she have Happy birthday, so we go and buy him cake and take to his loom.”

Q Best bullshit story you’ve ever heard?
A Many, normally revolves around how wealthy they are. One guy sat at the bar claiming he’s a millionaire and owned 17 Harleys. “Really,” I replied, “So why are you staying here and not the Hilton? With a Chang singlet on, drinking an 80 baht beer…”