Retox GameOn

Retox GameOn

Each month we’ll bring you some of the best of what we’ve heard around the bars to put a smile on your face. This month we chat with…
Dean Ciolek, Manager at Retox GameOn, Soi Honey

Q tell us about yourself?
A Came here on my own for a month’s holiday, still here 16 years later. I’m married and have a daughter called Kimberley. Love the place.

Q How long have you been at the bar?
A I’m the manager at Retox GameOn since it opened, about 18 months.

Q the most ridiculous thing you’ve been asked?
A Stranger asks, ‘Can I eat food today but pay later? I have no money.’

Q Worst part of the job?
A Dealing with Thai staff and getting them to work the way you want to

Q Best part of your job?
A Seeing the pub full of customers and place is buzzing, must be doing something right. Meeting so many great people from around the world.

Q Best response from a member of staff?
A Why you not come to work yesterday? Me get drunk the night before

Q Biggest bullshit story?
A 1st timers who met the girl of their dreams. She not bar girl, she not ask for money, I’m her first falang boyfriend. Hear it all the time.

Q Have you ever barred anyone?
A A few over the years, for insulting staff or not having money to pay the bill.

Q Most popular food & drink?
A Sunday Roast, Cod & Chips, English Breakfast, San Mig Light & Guinness.