Le Pub

Le Pub

Each month we’ll bring you some of the best of what we’ve heard around the bars to put a smile on your face. This month we chat with…
Phil Ross, Owner at Le Pub, Soi Diamond Walkway

Q Tell us about yourself?
A Phil ‘Failed Teletubbie’ Ross aka Mister Egg.

Q Why Failed Teletubbie?
A I missed the audition but my mate became Dipsy.

Q Worst part of the job?
The shear long hours but I am working for myself.

Q Have you ever barred anyone?
A No, but I do give them a warning as this town is too small. You never know but I might bump into the bloke the next day at Big C.

Q Who’s your best earner?
Well I have 12 girls at the moment but I can’t tell you her name as she’s right behind you and she’ll get big headed. She’ll squeal with delight otherwise.

Q Most popular drink?
A San Miguel Light hands down, especially during happy hours 2 to 7pm.

Q Biggest bullshit stories?
A Yeah a few. Hamid Karzai (ex-Afghan President) Personal Bodyguard drinks in here… Then there was James Bond’s Stuntman, and the best one, footy agent for several Arsenal players, to which I asked, ‘Have you been to the Emirates then?’ he replied, ‘Yeah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.’ Honestly…

Q Biggest spenders?
A The Japs. They constantly ring the bell and the girls love it. I love it too.