i-rovers Sports Bar

i-rovers Sports Bar

Each month we’ll bring you some of the best of what we’ve heard around the bars to put a smile on your face. This month we chat with…
Darren Webster, Owner at i-rovers, Soi LK Metro

Q Tell us about yourself?
A I’m a Wollongong boy, then I went into Oil & Gas, arrived in Asia in 2005, and came to Pattaya in March 2015.

Q the most ridiculous thing you’ve been asked?
A Is bacon the same as pork? Well yes mate, they both come from a pig…

Q Worst part of the job?
A Thais have the ability to blame someone else, when they’ve made a mistake, you’ll never hear them say “Solly boss, I f**ked up.”

Q Best part of your job?
A Sitting with customers and having a chat. They all have an interesting story about how they ended up here. Then they hopefully come back, as they enjoyed their last visit.

Q Best response from a member of staff?
A You’ll be amazed the amount of relatives that can pass away in one year…

Q Biggest bullshit story?
A Happens virtually everyday, I time out after about 30 seconds.

Q Have you ever barred anyone?
A After a 5 hour drinking binge, 3 out of 4 Swedes did a runner. Last bloke refused to pay so I threw him out. They all came back 2 days later and paid.

Q Most popular food & drink?
A San Mig Light is 50% of our alcohol sales, and Chicken Parmesan is popular.