Each month we’ll bring you some of the best of what we’ve heard around the bars to put a smile on your face. This month we chat with…
Mark Reid, Manager at Hemingways, Thappraya Road Jomtien

Q Tell us about yourself?
A Mark or Reidy, I’m a 45 year old, tea total, Sheffield Wednesday fan.

Q The most ridiculous thing you’ve been asked?
A Are you open at 2:45am on Tuesday for a second division Handball game?

Q Worst part of the job?
A Dealing with negative people, particularly people who live here and complain about everything!

Q Best part of your job?
A Ensuring everything runs smoothly & everyone leaves having a good time.

Q Strangest thing to happen?
A One of our toilets was blocked, the plumber found a pair of boxer shorts wrapped around the flusher inside the toilet. Some funny ones about!

Q Biggest bullshit story?
A Too many to mention, we’ve had euro millions lottery winners to people who have wrestled with crocodiles. Never a shortage of bullshit that’s for sure!

Q Most popular food & drink?
A Heineken draft, most of our food is popular, my favourite is Chicken Piri Piri.

Q Sum up your place in 3 words?
A Clean, relaxed, comfortable.